Friday, March 13, 2009

Merit Need Not Apply

The idea of merit has been hailed as one of the hallmarks of democracy, freedom, upward mobility and career enhancements. Those who have excelled based on merit are often Gods of self righteousness. Examining the current financial crisis, the golden parachutes given to failed executives and one quickly realizes that merit is nothing more than rules created by the powerful elite to restrict climbing underclassmen.

What's even more dangerous is hordes of honest and talented individuals who are being brain washed about merit. Conversations these days can't seem to escape the Bernard Madoffs of this world. The question remains, "Would anyone of us have acted differently given similar circumstances?"

This world is nothing more than what it has always been. "A dog eat dog world." It's every man for himself! As Hobbes once said "Life is Nasty, Brutish and Short."

1 comment:

  1. wow what a way to look at life. Here we go again. no God no hope. I feel sorry for people that do not see good in anything. what a way to live. I do not agree with the passage.