Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Wish

I wish I was a Wall Street Banker.
With the power to ruin my firm all out
While raking in millions in a federal bailout
And as the country loses jobs and focus
I continue receiving my fare share of bonus

Suicide and the Employer

She had given the corporation more than twenty of her most productive years. Her husband also followed suit. Theirs was a friendship at work that quickly blossomed into courtship and then marriage for more than two decades.

The wicked cancer had stricken them both, not once but twice. As the insurers haggled over payment for treatment, the corporation ended her professional tenure. Feeling alone, in debt, ravaged by cancer and depressed, she searched for the supervisor who had fired her before taking her own life in the female bathroom on the second floor. An act of defiance that was as shocking as the person involved. This is a true story of a woman who worked for one of my former employers a few years ago.

Earlier this week Antonio Lupog a medical worker in a quiet Los Angeles suburb, allegedly killed his family and subsequently took his own life after alerting authorities. Before this tragedy, another family in California suffered the same fate. Before them, a wealthy pilot allegedly tried to end his life in a botched plane crash after his investment firm went belly up.

These suicides are more than coincidental and involve so much more than money and the inability to meet one's commitments. They speak not only of the employee's psyche, but that of the employer and their corporate power. With the decline of real wealth for America's working class, the job, career, and corporate entity is essentially their last and only ride.

The employer's increasingly reach is exercised both in and out of the workplace like never before. The New York City Police Department is now requiring new recruits to log on to their Face book and My Space Web Pages before they are hired. Sure, no one wants to hire a budding racist or someone who engages in kiddie porn to uphold law and order. However, this new corporate intrusion is having a disastrous effect on the lives of workers across the United States.

Many corporations and employers are quietly eroding the most central facet of an employee, i.e. their individual identity. It starts out slowly with fingerprinting, credit checks, background checks, the annoying urine sample, medical report and psychological evaluation. Those who were born outside the United States are sometimes subjected to the intrusion of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL Background Check). How is that for freedom and individual liberty?

It progresses with company uniforms, pens,pencils and other paraphernalia including the company logo. An increasing number of employees have quietly and without notice, replaced their own identity with that of the employer. It is no coincidence that when their employment is no longer, they have not only lost their livelihood but their sense of self and existence. As the intestines of this economic recession continues to impose its will on the general citizenry, suicide headlines will only continue.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CBS News Interviews the Saint Patrick Chronicle

This is a great piece. Many thanks to CBS News and reporter Cindy Hsu for a job well done.

Thank You Very Much (Part 2)

Stop Bashing Thick Women

What is wrong with Inside Edition? Who on earth told these Moron Producers that a Crack-Head Like Skinny woman is sexy? Enough with the Jessica Simpson Bashing Already!

Families are trying to eat and keep a roof over their heads. Do we want anymore young women to starve themselves to death for the bragging rights of a size zero? The size of the average woman in the US is a Lucky Number 13.

Ponzi R Us. Good Going NYC

As Ponzi Schemes go, New York has a remarkable record of 2-0 pulling off the slight of hand Harry Houdini financial magic trick. First Bernard Made Off with other people's money stole an estimated $50 Billion dollars from investors. Not to be out done, Nicholas Cosmos of Agape World located Long Island got its paws on some more cash. Good Going NYC.
You're a cut above the rest. For heaven's sake, sentence these creeps to chain gang prison camps. Forget the idea of cruel and unusual punishment. We are sick and tired of thieves awaiting trial in well-heeled mansions. When will the inmates stop running the asylum?

The Intrusion of the Hiring Process

As I enter the final stages of the application process for professional license in the State of New York, I realized that I will be scammed once more, to the tune of $115.00 for finger prints. The excuse is the same always. It's a precautionary measure to determine If I had been arrested recently, despite never being arrested.

It was at this very moment that I realized I am in deep and foreboding conflict with my royal fingers. There was a time when I believed that my patience, diligence, ability to work with others, smarts and intelligence was my greatest asset. Apparently, I was seriously misinformed.

These days, the ridges and patterns at the tip of my thumb, index finger, pinkie and even middle finger is my greatest asset. Results and analysis conducted by private and state officials determines whether or not I am qualified to sell my labor in exchange for a paycheck. Oh how I love you my Royal Fingers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Historic Newspapers

I purchased three copies of today's New York Post for the sole purpose of reselling them on ebay. I'm sure there are deep international pockets who are willing to fork over a few green backs to hold a copy of history in their hands.
Will my $1.50 investment net any gainful returns? The jury is still out.
I must admit, this is one awesome photo of the new Commander In Chief.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Riddance Number 43

Good bye number 43. Thank you for screwing up America. Thank you 43 for leaving an empty treasury, Wall Street Chaos, and an economy in shambles. Now that you're leaving, I'm sure there will be plenty of girls in bikinis to be hugged and wood to be chopped on your sprawling Texas Ranch.

Take former Vice President Dick Cheney along with you. Of course, he can continue shooting people in the face while holding secret energy meetings with his business buddies. It's too bad the days of no bid contracts at Halliburton are long gone. Oh, how we feel your pain. You accomplished one heck of a mission while in office. Don't you dare come back now!

Caroline kennedy Vs. Andrew Cuomo

Sources are claiming that New York State Governor, David A. Paterson and Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo are budding rivals for the post of governor during the next election. It has been argued that had the rules been different, Cuomo would have been chosen to replace disgraced former Governor, Elliot Spritzer. After all, the position of Governor in New York State is a family heirloom that is passed down from one generation to the next in the Cuomo household.

It is estimated that New York State will loose an estimated 181,000 jobs during 2009. As someone who is seeking office, Mr. Cuomo has made no profound statements about the "Gathering Storm of Unemployment" and how he would address this issue, if he were chosen as senator.

A decision has to be made within a few days to replace Senator Clinton's seat. Choosing Andrew Cuomo as a senator to represent New York State is a colossal mistake. Cuomo will not concentrate nor will he fight to reduce unemployment for poor New Yorkers and minorities. I cannot at this point trace any major initiative during his tenure in public service that focused exclusively on the poor.

Irrespective of the doubts surrounding Caroline Kennedy's nomination, she has raised millions of dollars for poor and disadvantaged schools in New York City. That's change that we can see and feel. Based on past performances, I am endorsing Caroline Kennedy as the next Senator from the Great State of New York. Go Caroline.

However, I would not be surprised at all if Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General of New York State is chosen over Caroline Kennedy. This choice would allow Governor Paterson to banish his potential main rival to the United States Senate. Such a move would provide Governor Paterson a way forward to design a winning campaign bid for the Governor's Mansion in two years.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Am The Anchor

"How was your day?"
The voice on the other line inquired.
"Fine" I replied.
"Mine was crappy"
The voice continued.

The voice was one of despair, self loathing and frustration. Life had dealt a temporary but familiar blow. It was at that time that I thought about a ship's anchor. A ship's anchor is more than a symbol of strength. It serves as a foothold against the rolling waves and swashing tides.

As lives an emotions become disjointed in trying times, we can all use an anchor and serve as one for friends and colleagues who are caught in howling winds, rip tides and raging storms of life. Being an anchor is much easier than we imagine. It requires a gentle listening air, an atmosphere of trust and understanding coupled with the willingness to comfort listless souls and frail emotions.


Grey sky
Grey Tiles
Grey Ability to Cope
Grey and Broke
Grey Eyed Beauty of Hope
Isn't Grey Beautiful?

Walk The Line

When I learned that Oscar nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix retired from acting to become a Rapper, I suggest he Walk The Line.

181,000 And Counting

It is estimated that New York City will lose 181,000 jobs in 2009. That's a grim number for those who are unemployed and looking for work.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, it appears that one of Martin Luther King Jr's dreams have been fulfilled, while many others remain unfulfilled. The elation of President Obama's historic victory is juxtaposed amidst the reality of these photos.

Although tremendous progress has been made during the last four decades, we should not rest until the total number of unemployed African Americans diminish significantly. From my purview, my emotions are mixed about "Inauguration Day."

I recently discovered A Mighty This is a professional Website that assist job seekers. The jury is still out on this site.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

La Guardia Airport Hires Vice President Dick Cheney

I have an idea. Since birds caused US Airways flight 1549 to crash into the Hudson River on Thursday January 15, 2009 why not hire Vice President Dick Cheney and his friends to rid New York's Airports of its bird problems.

Instead of shooting friends in the face, he could shoot birds in their face and wings. Besides, he will be searching for work shortly.

Rise Black Man Rise, Keep Your Eyes On the Prize

I am willing to bet one arm one leg and the limbs of many colleagues, that the Black Man's image will not be rehabilitated not today and certainly not during the next eight years, if President Obama is elected to a second term in office.

So why I'm I so pessimistic about the Black Man's image amidst so much euphoria with the historic election of President Barack Obama, a candidate that I proudly voted for in November, 2008? A harsh dose of reality that's why.

I reviewed some of the Black Panther's Ten Point Plan, and no I'm not a militant in case you're curious. Here's what my research produced:

1. We want freedom. We want the power to determine the destiny of our black community.
2. We want full employment for our people.
7. We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of black people.
9. We want all black people when brought to trial to be tried in a court by a jury of their peer group or people from their black communities.

So why did African Americans who had espoused such illustrious dreams settle for so little so quickly?

Media Tokenism. With the rise of President Elect Obama, Tiger Woods, New York State Governor, David Paterson and Tyler Perry African Americans have forgotten not only the dreams stated above for the black community, but its reality as well.

New York State Civil Service has a poor record if one examines the number of minorities in high level state positions as a total percentage of state employees. So although an African American Governor is the leader of New York State, the real story is far worst than what the media portrays. New York City has a similar story as well. Unless those making hiring decisions change, figureheads are unacceptable.

America has a bipolar relationship with the black male. When one contrasts the black male image and the photographs of convicted felons such as Willie Horton, Lee Woods, O.J Simpson and the now infamous Mike Tyson with what President Elect Obama represents, a contrast in stark reality emerges.

After portraying black men as common criminals who led commercials about a leader's inability to be tough on crime (Willie Horton) it will take decades before the black man's image is rehabilitated to the point where he's no longer defined as a common criminal that should be avoided at all cost, feared and denied gainful employment.

I am willing to trade the ascension of New York State's first African American Governor and President Elect Obama for millions of good paying jobs for "minorities." Symbolism and tokenism do not feed hungry children, pay delinquent mortgages, rents and maintain livelihoods.

The media in its efforts to present what's right with America, has ignored what's wrong with America in the same vain. As the economy continues to dwindle, and wealthy banks with well heeled share holders receive one bailout package after another, the story of the common man is lost forever in the swirling winds of euphoria.

Minority or African American leadership even at the highest office level, does more to mask the real problems of minorities instead of solving them. These real issues were once featured stories on many networks. Today, they're mere footnotes.

The bliss of Obama's Presidency does more to distort the harsh reality for minorities, instead of placing them in the forefront where they can be examined and solutions sought. It is difficult to write and think against history and incessant media coverage of the new King of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I am happy for the new president, but I will be even happier when people I know begin to flourish and partake in employment, better education at local public schools for children, affordable housing and affordable health care. For it is these thorny issues that dictate the real quality of life and euphoria for minorities in America.

I remain a heretic who requires a good dose of scripture to be converted. The emergence of this new "Post Racial Philosophy" is as dangerous as an unattended child playing with matches and lighter fluid in their parent's home.

A Movie Plane Crash In The Hudson River

Initial news reports have confirmed that NYPD Officers believed that Hollywood was filming a movie on the Hudson River, when reports came in of a US Airways Flight 1549 floating in the Hudson River. A Move!

We are under constant terror alert in this city and the NYPD can't differentiate between a real and staged event. Give me a break! We are thankful that everyone survived, but the NYPD should not receive a free pass on this one. What if this was another terror attack on our beloved city?

Taxes: To Pay or Not to Pay

Try telling that to the Internal Revenue Service if you owe them any money. I owed the IRS some $500.00 eight years ago, and my apologies were meaningless. They gave me a strict time line, plus the usual threatening letters, interest, penalties and fees.

So Timothy Geithner's profuse apology fell on death ears. Sure, people make mistakes. However, I'm pissed off when well connected people receive free passes for the same mistakes that would criminalize lesser beings. President Elect Obama needs to set a clear example that his administration will be one of honesty and transparency. Enough with the apologies already. Just pay your fair share of "Taxes" like the rest of us.


I will spare you the final numbers about the proposed MTA fare hikes. My issue with the MTA concerns the reduction of service, like the always late, come when it feels like Number 14 Bus in my neighborhood.

Has any sane beings ridden the Lexington Lines lately? In particular, the Number 4, 5, and 6 Trains have been transformed to sardine cans as riders try desperately to find space in their cramped quarters. What are citizens supposed to do as government continue to fail in even conceivable arena, create our own subway line?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When Will We Be Qualified for Employment?

A group of friends sat down recently and discussed the frustration with the interview process. Not the behavioral interview where potential employers ask specific questions to determine how perspective candidates behaved in the past. We also bypassed generic interviews where employers ask generic questions to gain insight into an employee's decision making process.

In particular, we were frustrated with the prospect of having either too much qualifications with a Graduate Degree, or too little qualifications and experience. In the end, we were left wondering just when is a candidate qualified for a job in today's marketplace?

Con Edison: Pay to Play

We now know why it's so tough to secure employment at Con Edison. It' not competition, qualifications or experience.
It's a pay to play scheme. Several supervisors were indicted for receiving huge envelopes of cold cash, in exchange for jobs. Way to go Con Ed.

Gay Celebrities

No one was shocked when comedian and actress, Wanda Skyes came out and announced that she was gay. I think we got the hint when you switched from a regular perm, to a short Afro. Not that women who wear Afros are gay. Good going.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not My Beloved Peanut Butter

The economy is in shambles, the remainder of the week will be cold like the arctic and now, there's a peanut butter recall, due to a possible salmonella outbreak. What on earth is life coming too?

How I'm I supposed to make my favorite food in the world (Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich?). What next, Charlie the Tuna will go away on a permanent vacation from supermarket shelves? Hopefully not.

Lil-Kim Is Mad

Lil-Kim is upset with the Notorious Big Film's portrayal of her. Umm...... Maybe the portrayal is accurate and she's no longer " Spending C-Notes."

The New Radicals - Get What You Give (((STEREO)))

New York City Job Fairs: Chasing Fools Gold

As unemployment numbers continue to rise, job fairs seem to offer promise for those who are out of work. But do they really work? Recent job fairs around the city are equivalent to waiting on line to participate in an American Idol Contest.

Today, a job fair in New York City is like chasing fools gold. You're not sure if gold really exist, but you're afraid that if you do not search for it, someone else may strike pay dirt. So just what are we supposed to do? That's the six million dollar question that the unemployed would like to answer pretty soon.

I Want My Kidney Back Because You Broke My Heart

Controversial Rap Music Video - Too Hot for TV

This is very funny.

Blueprint for Change: Immigration

It's time to address immigration reform in America.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dirty Harry, Not

Harry Markopolos, a 52-year old former employee of Bernard Made Off with other people's money warned federal regulators that his boss was a fraud. Apparently, no one listened to him.

Markopolos, who has become the center of media scrutiny lately, simply wants to be left alone. Hey, If I worked for an outfit that made off with that much cash, in the largest Ponzi Scheme in the land, I too would remain invisible.

This is the World

Crush the obstacles
Shake thy hand while thrusting a knife into thy torso
Blood spills, as a lifeless body lay still
Bring to me, he who has courage and wit
A heavy log of wood bequeaths his soul who dares to stare at passion and compassion
We will now, we must go
For if we fail, he, she, it they will climb again
I must go now to that place before the night air encroaches and its shadow forms a circle around thee
When the final storm snips upon thee
Perhaps a new awakening, far better than one hundred leagues of fear and courage will gleam and stream into the night's sky
Embracing the brightly lit sky in search of that diamond in the rough
For if you are anyone's courage, you are my thine.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex the Presidency and AIDS

President Elect Obama's inauguration is just a few short days away, and things are beginning to heat up on the sex front. Yes readers, "Sex, one of the forbidden topics in our lexicon today" President Elect Obama chose Pastor Rick Warren to preside over his inauguration. Some have argued that Pastor Warren is a camp crusader against gay marriage and a crusader for America's Moral Elite.

The gay community in California and beyond has credited him with fanning the flames against a law in that state that would essentially recognize gay marriage. So why is sex such a taboo subject in America? Why are consenting adults forced to live double lives in secret? What's the big deal with the whole gay-bashing thing anyway? I mean who cares what consenting adults do behind closed doors.

We know that the African American Community in particular, has a huge issue with homosexuality. "Hello, Homo Thugs Anyone?" What's up with brothers who are having gay sex, but do not consider themselves gay, and consequently help to infect our sisters. African American Women between the ages of 18-34 comprise the fastest growing group of newly infected AIDS and HIV Cases in the country.

Unless men and women stop lying to themselves and admit to their sexual urges and desire to hook up, we will not make one dent in new cases of HIV and AIDS. It's a fact of life. Put two human beings together and someone will try to get into the other person's pants. How we manages these urges in the face of death and disease is the six million dollar question. It's time to face this demon once and for all. The country can't continue on this path.

Our hypocrisy and unwillingness to deal with these vivid images is leading to death and disease unnecessarily. I want to see honest comments. I know my readers are thinking about this issue daily. Don't be afraid to share your opinion. Remember, you can remain anonymous.