Friday, February 27, 2009

Domestic Violence and the Work Place

Mention these words: Domestic Violence, especially against women and you're sure to hear a mouthful of righteous indignation. Despite our angst against various forms of domestic violence, ordinary employees rarely believe that they could contribute to this form of social insanity.

If you have to communicate with coworkers away from the office be cautious when communicating with spouses and significant others. I was surprised when a colleague tried to contact an employee at her residence to inform her that her assignment had changed.

Unfortunately, she left a message for the intended party with her jealous husband. When she arrived home later that day, she was savagely beaten by her spouse because he claimed that her job had called and inquired about her, when she should have been at work.

Although records confirmed that the employee in question was on assignment at a different location, she was savagely beaten nonetheless.


  1. its ashame woman and some men are enslaved by low self-esteem. its ashame. unfortunately we should not have to walk on egg shells because someone else cannot live. i cannot be a slave to someone elses horror. as woman we have to find a way to get out, whatever means necessary. again we have to stand firm in God. I should not have to worry about calling someones home because they may get beat. we are not children. if there is a problem make me aware so i don't call. if the woman or man in an abusive situtation continues to be in the situation it is unfortunate. we can stand up and stand firm, its just having faith to do it.

  2. This was a really weird and unfortunate experience for me. I could not believe that it happened based on simple circumstances. A phone call for work related reasons caused an innocent person harm. It's sad but true.