Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let's Talk About Telephone Manners

The importance of the telephone to the organization is unmistakable. Managers understand that proper telephone etiquette influences customer behavior and their desire to purchase goods and services from certain vendors.

Today you're considered outdated If you do not have a fancy cell phone devise complete with over the top ring tones. How long should your ring tone last? One or two versus from a song is okay, but an entire song is far too much.

Although your favorite song might be dear to your heart, no one wants to listen to an entire song before they're prompted to leave a voice message. That's why the iPod was invented.

In the same vein, listening to an entire jazz album while you're on hold with customer service is also annoying. Jazz Lounges were created to fill that void. Those who love these excessively long ring tones should consider the people being tortured who are simply trying to leave a voice message.

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