Friday, February 6, 2009

Small Vs. Big

As the economy continues to slash jobs with no abatement, I thought it was only fitting to comment on the advantages and disadvantages of working for a small firm/organization vs. large firm/organization.

Small firms offer employees opportunities to showcase their skills and talent. They also allow flexibility with work assignments and immense opportunities for growth.

Before you start raving about the benefits of working in a small firm, there are some crippling demerits that accompany these settings.

1. Trust your emotional intelligence.
2. Be mindful of experienced employees who may perceive you as a threat.
3. Do not rave about your old firm and its innovative techniques.
4. When making suggestions, focus on how they will improve tasks and enhance your current settings.
5. Mimic the culture of your new settings closely and try to fit in.
6. If you're accustomed to wearing tailored suits, dress to suit the environment not your ego.
7. Speak with managers when appropriate and ask if its okay to make suggestions for improving business.
8. If they give your their blessing, it will be much easier to gain a promotion if your innovations and suggestions bear fruit.
9. Don't be afraid to include longstanding employees in your new plans for the firm.
10. Seasoned employees are an asset to you and your plans, despite their lack of big firm experience. Their experience will help you navigate troubled waters that you least expect.
11. Finally, have fun with your new environment. If you have a job in this economy, you should build a shrine to your desk and the people you work with.


  1. those are really good suggestions.

  2. They're based on experience. In this economy, one requires an extraordinary skill-set to simply survive. The current environment is a bit scary for the unprepared.