Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things That Make You Go Umm..

Why is Produce Pete always on the TV Path Mark, but not at the one where I regularly shop?
Why is Mrs. Butterworth always alone on supermarket shelves?
We know she makes pancake syrup for a living, but what does her husband do for a living?
Does Mr. Butterworth even have a job?

When will Mr. G. on Channel 9 reveal his real last name?
Is he in the Federal Witness Protection Program? Most Weather men usually tell us their entire name, but not Mr. G.

When did Lil Wayne become the in-thing?
What happened to Toni Braxton?
Who said Mary Jay Blige could sing?

Can we allow 15,000 teachers to lose their jobs, and deny kids a proper education?
Is it fair for Wall Street Bankers to shell out $18 billion in bonus money to their cronies, while receiving federal bailout monies?
When will this town begin prosecuting financial crooks and sentence them to long prison terms until they are old and grey?
Things that make you go Ummmmmm...

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