Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Caroline kennedy Vs. Andrew Cuomo

Sources are claiming that New York State Governor, David A. Paterson and Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo are budding rivals for the post of governor during the next election. It has been argued that had the rules been different, Cuomo would have been chosen to replace disgraced former Governor, Elliot Spritzer. After all, the position of Governor in New York State is a family heirloom that is passed down from one generation to the next in the Cuomo household.

It is estimated that New York State will loose an estimated 181,000 jobs during 2009. As someone who is seeking office, Mr. Cuomo has made no profound statements about the "Gathering Storm of Unemployment" and how he would address this issue, if he were chosen as senator.

A decision has to be made within a few days to replace Senator Clinton's seat. Choosing Andrew Cuomo as a senator to represent New York State is a colossal mistake. Cuomo will not concentrate nor will he fight to reduce unemployment for poor New Yorkers and minorities. I cannot at this point trace any major initiative during his tenure in public service that focused exclusively on the poor.

Irrespective of the doubts surrounding Caroline Kennedy's nomination, she has raised millions of dollars for poor and disadvantaged schools in New York City. That's change that we can see and feel. Based on past performances, I am endorsing Caroline Kennedy as the next Senator from the Great State of New York. Go Caroline.

However, I would not be surprised at all if Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General of New York State is chosen over Caroline Kennedy. This choice would allow Governor Paterson to banish his potential main rival to the United States Senate. Such a move would provide Governor Paterson a way forward to design a winning campaign bid for the Governor's Mansion in two years.


  1. politics will be the demise of us all if we continue down this crooked path. its ashame that there is even a thought to choose between someone who does good vs someone who could care less. what does that tell you.

  2. She withdrew her name from consideration for New York's vacant Senate Seat. That's sad. I think she would have been an excellent Senator, had she been given an opportunity.

  3. According to the Associated Press, Caroline Kennedy is still in the running for New York's open Senate Seat. Thus far the Paterson camp is mum.