Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hypnotic Subway

Trudging through Grand Central Station today, I moved quickly from the Shuttle train to grab a glimpse and listen of my favorite subway act. Believe it or not, live subway music is my version of attending the imaginary live music concerts at $2.00 a show.

Trumpets bellowed in sweet rhythmic New Orleans style jazz. Trombones provided deep melodic notes that soothed a worn-out life less soul. Bumping to the rhythm of that I'm heading home after a long day in the city was interrupted by: Stop filming! Turn off your camera! We have the new album on sale here at $10.00 a pop! Maybe next time cash comes my way, I will part with a few greenbacks in exchange for that natural fix.

I could not help but wonder: Dude, you're in a public place. At least they allowed me to capture a few seconds of Soothing Hypnotic Soul. And the beat goes on.

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