Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex the Presidency and AIDS

President Elect Obama's inauguration is just a few short days away, and things are beginning to heat up on the sex front. Yes readers, "Sex, one of the forbidden topics in our lexicon today" President Elect Obama chose Pastor Rick Warren to preside over his inauguration. Some have argued that Pastor Warren is a camp crusader against gay marriage and a crusader for America's Moral Elite.

The gay community in California and beyond has credited him with fanning the flames against a law in that state that would essentially recognize gay marriage. So why is sex such a taboo subject in America? Why are consenting adults forced to live double lives in secret? What's the big deal with the whole gay-bashing thing anyway? I mean who cares what consenting adults do behind closed doors.

We know that the African American Community in particular, has a huge issue with homosexuality. "Hello, Homo Thugs Anyone?" What's up with brothers who are having gay sex, but do not consider themselves gay, and consequently help to infect our sisters. African American Women between the ages of 18-34 comprise the fastest growing group of newly infected AIDS and HIV Cases in the country.

Unless men and women stop lying to themselves and admit to their sexual urges and desire to hook up, we will not make one dent in new cases of HIV and AIDS. It's a fact of life. Put two human beings together and someone will try to get into the other person's pants. How we manages these urges in the face of death and disease is the six million dollar question. It's time to face this demon once and for all. The country can't continue on this path.

Our hypocrisy and unwillingness to deal with these vivid images is leading to death and disease unnecessarily. I want to see honest comments. I know my readers are thinking about this issue daily. Don't be afraid to share your opinion. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

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  1. The bottom line is that prophecy has to be fufilled. We must go thru this nonsense so revelations can come to pass. All these gay activist, pastors, priest, celebs are ridiculous. how we fornicate everyday is ridiculous. we lie, steal and cheat, then we have the nerve to say we are going to heaven. wow no wonder heaven won't be crowded. anyone that can read, can read the word to know what it says but we are all in denial. we don't like what the bible says so we make things up to suit us. so none of this really matters because revelations will come to pass and when Jesus returns alot of people will be in alot of trouble and thats a fact. can yall deal with this!