Monday, January 5, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg's Poor Decision

I listened attentively last night, as Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City recounted near rocket misses that landed within the vicinity of his motorcade on his recent trip to Israel. The trip was designed as a show of support for Israel during this latest round of conflict with its neighbor.

The mayor's position is crystal clear. You would think that the mayor would call a news conference or issue a press statement through this press secretary reiterating his support for Israel. Instead, he chose to fly into a war zone and then recount his near misses to anyone who would listen. What an idiot!

Hopefully, the United States State Department and Secret Service will exercise sound judgment with the incoming president and secretary of state. Allowing high ranking US Cabinet Officials to enter a war zone without some type of truce is stupidity of the highest degree. It's okay to show support for Israel, but being in middle of an ongoing conflict does nothing to end that conflict peacefully.

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