Monday, January 19, 2009

I Am The Anchor

"How was your day?"
The voice on the other line inquired.
"Fine" I replied.
"Mine was crappy"
The voice continued.

The voice was one of despair, self loathing and frustration. Life had dealt a temporary but familiar blow. It was at that time that I thought about a ship's anchor. A ship's anchor is more than a symbol of strength. It serves as a foothold against the rolling waves and swashing tides.

As lives an emotions become disjointed in trying times, we can all use an anchor and serve as one for friends and colleagues who are caught in howling winds, rip tides and raging storms of life. Being an anchor is much easier than we imagine. It requires a gentle listening air, an atmosphere of trust and understanding coupled with the willingness to comfort listless souls and frail emotions.


  1. The most competent anchor I know is Jesus. I encourage all to find that inner strength and tap into it. These are tmes of inner and outer wars and the only way to not just deal or cope but to conquer is to find ancohorage in the higer power.

  2. The Lord resides in all of our spirits. So He uses us as anchors for each other. By using people, we are witnesses to His power.