Monday, January 19, 2009

181,000 And Counting

It is estimated that New York City will lose 181,000 jobs in 2009. That's a grim number for those who are unemployed and looking for work.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, it appears that one of Martin Luther King Jr's dreams have been fulfilled, while many others remain unfulfilled. The elation of President Obama's historic victory is juxtaposed amidst the reality of these photos.

Although tremendous progress has been made during the last four decades, we should not rest until the total number of unemployed African Americans diminish significantly. From my purview, my emotions are mixed about "Inauguration Day."

I recently discovered A Mighty This is a professional Website that assist job seekers. The jury is still out on this site.


  1. I agree we do need to see more of us employeed. as far as Inauguration day well that is history. i don't know what kind of mixed feeling that might bring about. but we need change and hopefully obama can clean up some of this mess. he will have a tough job but as long as Christ remains in his life he can do anything. Go Obama! Go change and God bless

  2. Please let's not get the Inauguration Day celebration twisted. Obama and his family worked for and earned what they have received. It is every individual's responsiblity to do the same thing. We must embrace this day and cherish it. We must take all of the resources and exhaust them until we reach our goals.

    Dreams are revealed through tired eyes. Once you get tired of something, you will change it. It is time to focus on what Obama really did. He made it possible for more Americans to have the courage to push the limits and expand our thoughts. He made it possible for any person of any group to stand before its nation and be called Son or Daughter.

    Please do not allow temporary circumstances - unemployment, homelessness, prejudices, biases, financial deficit etc taint Obama's personal victory that inspired a divided nation.

    You are down but not out. If you can look up, you can get up.

  3. Point well taken. However, what makes a great democracy, is our ability to participate in intelligent discussions, propose new ideas, and move forward. Make no mistake about it, Obama's victory is remarkable and I will tell my grandchildren that I voted for change.