Monday, January 5, 2009

Bill Richardson: A Liability for President Obama

How times have changed. Just a few months ago, Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico was held in high esteem in the Democratic Party. There were even rumors that he may have been on Obama's short list for Vice President.

Today we learned that he withdrew his name for consideration as Commerce Secretary due to what else, some type of impropriety while in office. Just when you thought the stars were aligned for the Democratic Party, the universe seemed to have exploded right underneath it.

First, the governor of Illinois was wire tapped and then arrested by the F.B.I. Now Bill Richardson was allegedly caught with his hand in the cookie jar. These politicians are making Rush Limbaugh look like a genius. I wonder what his program will be like on Tuesday. If we keep this up, we will have a Bill Clinton in the making i.e., a Democratic President with Republicans holding the majority in either one or both houses.

If President elect Obama can't keep scandal away from his party, he may not even serve out his first term. Presently, a second term is definitely in danger of falling into the abyss.

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