Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Toast of Water

Last night I gathered around with my immediate family members to usher in the new year. Usually, there is some type of alcoholic beverage available. So I waited patiently, as my cousin washed and sanitized the champagne glasses that are used only during Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course the new year.

To my great surprise, this year my cousin had a most unusual idea for a toast. It was good old fashioned H2O. That's right, we drank water instead of champagne.

According to her, it's a sign of purity. According to me, dieting and exercise has gone way too far, when good old fashioned champagne of some sort, is replaced with tap water. Oh well, at least we all lived to see yet another year. Will tap water soon replace champagne as the beverage of choice for celebrations. With this economy, it might just be the beverage of choice. Besides, it's affordable and good for you.

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