Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Will Vs. Skill

As the job market continues to decline, student loans and interest payments become due and employers tighten their proverbial hiring belts, is a college degree worth its weight in student loans and interest payments?

After talking to someone who opted for a for an 18 month program in the medical field with a good paying job, benefits and stability I'm starting to think that this higher-education-thing is such a big waste of time. For all the fanfare, parade and posturing of a good education, is it really worth it?

If I were to advise someone at this moment in time, I would instruct them to follow reality instead of dreams. Sure it's a great feat to gain more knowledge and training. When that knowledge and training yields naught, then its time to regroup.


  1. Education in any field, when applied will yield a great fruit. I challenge the disbeliver to prove otherwish. It is importnat to follow your heart, however I belive it is most wise to do what is right. In other words if your desires can secure the basic needs plus some wants, then go for it. If not regroup and rethink. Survival is only for the fittest, who's prepared for the challenges.

  2. It is important for people to start to realize that life's successes are based upon the perceptions of the individual. Our perceptions are generated by public opinion.

    But what is you change your opinion midway through the game of life? It is important to strive for education and other resources but realistically observing the whole picture.

    Bottom line - There is more to life then fiscal management and boardroom decorum. Explore life outside of the box, then you will be able to cope with life's journey.

    The only time that is wasted is the time that we worry. Stay strong. Make happier choices. Broke in a corner is better than rich with sorrow.

  3. we all have strenghs and weakness. we need to harness the strenghs and work on weakness. your attitude plays a big part in how your life is lived and perceived by others. once we relize this we can begin to grow in the right direction.