Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fifty Stinky Dollars

What does $50.00 buy you these days? How about, one construction strap engineered to code, no indictment, seven lives spared, one high rise building in pristine condition and a permanent stay-out-of jail card. So says Manhattan's District Attorney, Robert Morgenthau, in a recently unsealed indictment.

Oh well, enjoy your time in the Big House contractor William Rapetti. Maybe you will assist with the construction of a new fence for general population. If that one fails, you only have riots to contend with led by buffed guys serving life sentences. Have fun.


  1. The devil is always alive and well. He has been in jail alot and he always manages to get out. The point is that this mess has been going on since the test of time and it will not stop. some people are just pathetic and don't care, hense the $50.00.

  2. It's amazing that something so simple could have saved so many lives and avoid family loss and grief. You wonder just how much money is enough for some people, that they will cut corners to earn a few extra dollars, at the expense of others.